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Mid-Week Lift

perfection is no trifle, but trifles make perfection

My grandfather had a ton of little expressions that are stuck up in my brain pan and occasionally just fall out whenever the proper scenario appears. This may be one of my favorites.

Perfection is no trifle, but trifles make perfection.

After a little research, I discovered that the original quote is actually attributed to Michelangelo. However, there is a slight variation in his.

Perfection is made of trifles, but perfection is no trifle.


Close enough grandad. Whatever you are working towards this week, have the courage to fail and try again. 🧐✌️

Are you a true crime junkie looking for another creepy story? Check out the complete chapter one of the serial novel The Devil's Road. I even read it for you, so you can sit back and let me crawl inside your eardrums with a story sure to make your spine tingle.

The Devil’s Road follows Samantha Hart, a Sequoyah County Sheriff, full of vengeance and fury who uses her badge to hunt down her sister's killer. This week Heather, our prostitute with a heart of gold, and Moses a Native American F.B.I. agent with a bag full of dope. I think these two are really going to get along when they meet each other.

I messed around and created a new design for my swag shop. It’s the most Southern T-Shirt you’ll every find!

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